Brand Auckland

Spring Campaign

This spring, Auckland is in line for more than it's fair share of world class concerts, performances and exhibitions. This, on top of an already generous daily serving of local events, activities and natural attractions that can't really be bettered in any one place in New Zealand.

Health Basics

Brand, Packaging and Category refreshment.

Proving a brand is at it's best when it's feeling refreshed.

Geyser Building

Brand & Wayfinding

Neil Pryde - Will to Win

40th Anniversary Book

Filthy Rich

Brand Creation

Almost like designing for ourselves.


Brand Creation

The creation of a new category.


Corian Brand Position

Finding unlimited potential in an industry icon.

Cancer Society

Pack refresh

Ownaship Rebrand

Selling the emotion of possession without the expense.

Health Basics


Food Emporium

Hoyts reposition expectations around the food hall.

Air NZ Evironmental Document

Protecting their vested interest.

Yealands Estate
Concept Wines

It's what's inside that counts.

Colgate Carton Race

Brand creation and Point of Sale application

Putting the money where a mouth is.


Westcoast Real Foods

Westcoast real Foods Brand (Concepts Only)

Authenticity you can eat.

Gravity Coffee

Brand Creation & Packaging

When a category isn't broken, break it.

Air NZ Annual Review 08

Telling it like it is.

Chapman Tripp

CHapman tripp re-brand

We helped put the law into order.


Colgate Wash Progamme

Colgate Wash Programme

We all know habits are hard to change.

Bank of Australia.

Shareholder Review

Privileged to be working with Australasia's largest bank.

Air NZ Interim Review 07

Telling it like it is.

Zebrablogs Identity

Brand and Website

Making more from black and white.

Allblacks Trumpet POS

Allblacks Trumpet POS

It was World Cup year after all.


Ecostore Packaging

Making the most of what comes naturally.


Fruju Grapefruit and Lemon

Fruju Grapefuit and Lemon packaging

Back by popular demand

Honey Puffs

Honey Puffs Rebrand.

Same product. New packaging. More sales.



Brand building.

Lion Nathan Rebrand

Bringing sociability to life

All for a good cause.

La Patisserie

Brand and packaging

Tell them it's French, and they'll eat it by the box full.

Lion Nathan Annual Review


Bringing sociability to life.

Air NZ Interim Report 08

Telling it like it is.

New Zealand Natural

Brand Identity and Collateral

Leveraging our recognised equity.

Penfolds Whitestone Cheese Promotion

Point of Sale and Online
Entry Mechanic

Free product gets them every time.


Popsicle Rebrand

Finding favour with the toughest audience in the world.

Lion Nathan Annual Review


Bringing sociability to life.

Popsicle Tounge Twsita

Sub Brand and Packaging

Harnessing the power of sour.

Rosemount Ruby O

Point of Sale Campaign

A brand-launch consumer promotion goes down nicely.

Lion Nathan Anual Report


Bringing sociability to life.

Trumpet NPD

You can't beat a Trumpet

Reasons why you still can't beat a Trumpet.

Lion Nathan Annual Report


Bringing sociability to life.

Colgate Sensitive

Point of Sale and Website

Creating a mascot for a crusade.


Brand Development and Annual Reports

We did what mattered most.

Lion Nathan
Annual Report


Bringing sociability to life.

Aaron Tindall

Brand and Website

The first impression counts

University of Auckland

Endowment Book

Generosity deserves respect.